Microsoft Solutions

As Microsoft Partners you can count on the competence of any Microsoft Project undertaken

Cisco Hardware

Keep a safe and secure network using Cisco technology for your needs.

Office 365

Stay connected even when you are not in the office. The power of desktop computing available while you are on the go or at work (Mac, PC and tablet support)


Dell direct provides essential hardware giving our clients reliability and peace of mind.


Select the right solution for your needs

Project Management

Professional planning, development and deployment of IT systems.

Cloud Solutions

Get at your files anywhere and at anytime. Cloud solutions help making collaborations with clients fast and stress free, along with privacy and security at its core

Network Design

Having a well planned and scaleable network is paramount to stability and a problem free network. A documented network design can aid in troubleshooting network issues and make plannned network deployments efficient for all parties. On any solution from Intellect Systems, a client will have a pre-assesment which will include a network design.

Server Builds & Virtualizations

More and more companies are using virtual environments for their end users. Join this trend and reap the benefits from energy saving, server consolidation, increase up time, improved diasaster recovery strategy and better compatibility methods for legacy applications. Open this world today.

Secure Wireless Setup

Bring safe and secure wireless to your organisation with a robust topology to suit your needs.

Disaster planning

Having a set of systems and protocals in place to protect your most critical systems should be a part of every organisations strategy. We can assess and implement a clear and efficient plan to minimise any service or data loss.

Remote Management

Remote administration can save a time consuming visit to a site and have a negative impact on business. With the right remote management tools you can diagnose problems before they become one.


Intellect Systems has many years of experience creating bespoke solutions for their clients.

Email Management

Spam and viruses are a constant battle for email systems. Protect and filter your emails so just genuine mail gets through.

  • If you are an IT manager then you know the stresses of running a network. We work with you to minimise and help out source any time intensive projects that need constant supervision and get you back to the task that really need your attention.

  • From small start ups to enterprise solutions - both are available from Intellect Systems. Whether it be a security review of your network to a software or data recovery task, we have a solution that can benefit you.

  • We all know how challenging it can be when you first open a business. A lot of new companies fail to make the right investment in IT and in turn, lose money and time by not having the right solutions in place.

  • As part of our company strategy we have an in house software development solution which we use to benefit our clients' needs. If there is not a viable solution for you on the market, we will build it. This way you get a better solution that fits your needs

Development - look below at some case studies

Do you have an application which you know would benefit your company or organisation? We give all of our customers special rates to make this a reality. As we believe if you invest in us, we should invest in you.

Inventory Management Software

A new stock contol method was implemented for the client

Online Safety Reporting System

An online management portal for clients and engineers to review reports. By implementing this, it made it easy to keep both parties up-to-date with complience and scheduling

Order Processing

A simple order management and receipt generation program was developed for use in this company. This removed the need to generate paper orders and made the process faster and more efficient

Cloud Community Collabaration

In this case the client wanted a new unique way to keep in touch with its workers and clients. The solution implemented was a custom built web based platform with the robostness needed by the client.

Why Choose Us?

Satisfaction is not a favour, it's a right

What To Expect

Intellect Systems offers first class, comprehensive IT solutions. From the planning to deployment - we take special care and pay attention to working around your needs and schedules. We provide scaleable custom solutions in an effective and well thought out, thorough way. Making sure you get exactly what you want and always trying to exceed your expectations.

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Service Level Agreements

With a SLA we can monitor how we are doing, keep track of delivery times and check the availability of key resources.

Yearly Performance Reviews

This is your chance to add your thoughts as to what we can add to the service to make it that much better. Your feedback is important to us.

Comprehensive IT Support

This option is designed to compliment your existing environment. Making sure you have the time to concentrate on your business.

Competitive Pricing

We only ever offer fair pricing for our services and always will aim to work with your budget to get the best outcome.

Managed IT Services

A set price, then leave your IT worries with us.

Increase Productivity

Having a well run network can increase productivity by multiple factors. Getting more work done, completing outstanding projects and assignments without networks or applications can hinder operations. With our advice and experience, we can improve your prospects significantly.

Make a change today.

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Main Objectives

Let us target what's holding you back.


A constant review of network resources is a must. The right monitoring and reporting tools for networks can make a time consuming task a thing of the past.

Our early alerting system application is installed on every client machine and server, which allows us to see what resoucres will come under stress and recommed the necessary steps to remedy the situation.


Our first target in any solution is what is the cost benefit we can offer the client. Whether it be financial i.e. (what we save you) or non-finanical i.e. (customer satisfaction). Both are always considered and evaluated at the pre-assesment stage. This way, you have a clear understanding of how the solution will be benefiting your company.

Understanding how value for money is important in this current economic climate, we will work closely with you to make your investment cost effective, tailored specifically to your own budget, however big or small it may be. This will ensure that you are being cost effective.


No matter what your level of ability, we are always happy to help. If it is a VPN issue, connectivity problems or your documents will not open - there will always be someone to help you get back on track ASAP, making sure you hit that deadline on time.

Technology should be used to make better use of your time, not the other way around


Putting our client first may seem an easy thing to say. But to put it into practice is the real challange. Every company gets busy at times and forgets to pay that extra little bit more attention to the client. We train our representatives to put the customer first at all times, all the while striving for excellence